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Mission and Core Values

Our mission with Indiana Game is to provide basketball players opportunities in Northwest Indiana to develop and compete against other high-level players. Our staff is dedicated to teaching high level principles that most college coaches look for when recruiting and we hold our players to a high standard on and off the basketball court. 

Core Values:
1) Development
At Indiana Game, development of the athlete is our top focus. Players will not have opportunities to progress to the next level of basketball without getting better. We do not only focus on individual skills such as dribbling, shooting, and defense, but also teach basketball movements and principals such as how to defend screens, back cuts, and how to move without the basketball among other things. 
2) Exposure Opportunities: 
At Indiana Game, we are focused on getting our players names out there in order to be seen by college coaches. We focus on getting players social media buzz, on recruiting lists, and work on relationships with college coaches by getting our players names out there. We work with coaches to ensure our players are placed at locations to succeed. 
3) Playing Against Top Competition:
We focus on pushing our program to consistently play in the best events that we can while getting to play against some of the best in the country. We want to play the best competition that we can to measure what we need to improve on.  
4) Being a positive impact in the community
We strive to put the best role models in coaching and leadership positions so that  it leads to  positive experiences on the youth basketball players in our program. All of our coaches and staff are vetted and held to high standards so that the lessons they are teaching the players are those that will set them up for success on and off the basketball court. 

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