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Survey Result

As apart of our plan of becoming on of the top AAU programs, Indiana Game asked our parents to fill out an end of year survey to give feedback on their experiences with our program. We had 46 responses and below are the results: 

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) how would you rate your experience with Indiana Game this year?
4 & 5 - 39 people (84.8%)
3 - 5 people (10.9%)
2 - 2 people (4.3%)

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) how would you rate the tournaments you played in
4 & 5 - 40 people (86.9 %)
3 - 6 people (13.1%)

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) how would you rate the coaching you received
4 & 5 - 37 people (80.5%)
3 - 3 people (6.5%)
1 & 2 - 6 people (13%)

Was Indiana Game worth the price?
Yes - 42 people (91.3%)
No - 4 people (8.7%)

Are you hoping to return to Indiana Game next year?
Yes - 25 people (54.3%)
No, because we are too old - 13 people (28.3%)
Maybe - 8 people (17.4%)

Do you feel you improved at the game of basketball during your time with Indiana Game?
Yes - 41 people (89.1%)
No - 5 people (10.9%)

Do you feel your son improved as a person with Indiana Game?
Yes - 40 people (87%)
No - 13 people (13%)

What did you enjoy about Indiana Game?
" I enjoyed the coaching my son received as well as being very informed about what was going on all the time "

"They played competitive basketball all while giving each player minutes on the court. Every player left feeling they had an opportunity to contribute to the game."

" The team and coaches made for a good and promising experience. I appreciated the organization and communication as it was an improvement over previous experiences."

"Your communication was second to none. Your effort to get the boys the best season possible considering the COVID circumstances was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed the practices, as well as the additional training opportunities."

Improvement Points
1) Indiana Game will continue to try to provide our players with a positive experience and have our coaches and directors be positive role models so our guys can improve as individuals 
2) Indiana Game will continue to search for the best possible coaches to teach and develop our players the best way that we can
3) Indiana Game will continue to seek additional training opportunities for our players so they can develop as individuals as well as team players
4) Indiana Game will continue to try to limit cost in order to allow all players an opportunity to participate in our program. 

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