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Indiana Game Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

Mission: Indiana Game goal is to provide the kids in Northwest Indiana with the best possible basketball experience to develop on and off the court. The safety of our player’s, however, is our highest priority. Considering the recent events, Indiana Game has developed the following guidelines to be followed by our coaches, players, and families to ensure the safety of all that participate with Indiana Game. As everyone knows, basketball is a contact sport, however we are committed to do what we can to limit the amount of exposure each athlete and parent can have throughout our practices and games. We want to ensure that we follow these guidelines even though they are abnormal for all of us to ensure that we have a full season without illness.

Guidelines are subject to change as the state of Indiana and CDC update their guidelines. Guidelines were updated on July 8th with the best information available at the time.

Indiana Timeline:

Phase 4.5 (July 4th): Contact sports can continue practices and events. Gathering of 250 people are acceptable.

Phase 5 (July 18TH): Indiana returns to normal. Large events such as professional sporting events, concerts, and fairs can return. No cap on number of participants.

Practice Guidelines:

1.       Based on the guidelines set forth by the state, we will have a couple teams practice together starting the week of June 29th and will adjust as guidelines change and gym spaces are available.

2.       We will temperature check all players prior to entering the practice facility. Anyone greater than 100.4 degrees per CDC guidelines will be sent home.

3.       We will ask all players to wash their hands when entering the facilities and will have hand sanitizer for every coach to use. We are going to ask our coaches to give water and hand washing breaks every 30 minutes during practice.

4.       Indiana Game asks players to bring their own water to practice avoiding using community water fountains.

5.       When players are standing around, we will have our coaches encourage spacing out to limit additional exposure.

6.       Indiana Game will provide each coach with Clorox wipes to wipe down balls used for drills throughout practice.

7.       Coaches will have masks available to wear if 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained, this includes but is not limited to small group work, huddles, close contact with kids, ect.

Game Guidelines:

1.       We ask our guys to use our game ball or balls that we brought to the facility for warmups.

2.       When checking into the game, we ask that our players use hand sanitizer prior to checking in

3.       When on the bench, we ask for our guys to sit one seat apart if possible.

4.       After a game, we ask our guys to not shake the other teams’ hands and have our coaches go thank the refs and other coach instead without contact.

5.       During time outs, please stay somewhat spaced out and let those on the court sit and space out.

6.       We will provide each coach with a package of water each weekend as needed. We do ask for players to bring their own waters to reduce the cost on the club if possible.

7.       We encourage our coaches to have outdoor post game talks to reduce the number of individuals in the gym.

8.       Most tournaments are asking that players do not stay indoors and watch other teams after their games. It will not be allowed during Phase 4.5; however it is unclear what the rules will be during Phase 5.

9.       Coaches will have masks available to wear if 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained, this includes but is not limited to small group work, huddles, close contact with kids, ect.

10.   Some events require players, parents, and coaches to wear masks in and during the event. Indiana Game will follow all tournament directives and encourage mask wearing even when not required.

Overall Return Guidelines:

1.       We are asking all our players to complete a self-health assessment that will need to be turned in prior to participating in our first practice.

2.       We are going to require a COVID-19 release to participate in the Indiana Game Season.

3.       If at any times our players show symptoms on this health assessment or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19, we ask the families to immediately inform that players coach as well as Scott Chemma so decisions can be made for the safety of all. To return to practice, we ask that our players get tested for COVID-19 and are symptom free for the number of days recommended by the CDC (

4.       If a player is suspected by that individual family or is around someone for more than 15 minutes within 6 ft without wearing a mask who tests positive, we will ask that family to immediately contact those coaches, and Scott Chemma. Our program asks that these individuals receive a free test from Indiana and if negative can return to play. Indiana Game will notify all teammates parents to ensure complete transparency throughout this year.

5.       If a player on a team test positive. Coaches will discuss whether the team will need to be self-quarantined for the designated amount of time to ensure we are all safe. Indiana Game may ask that teammates receive a test to ensure no additional spread. There may be other options, but this will be handled on a case by case basis.

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